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About Arete

Our Company

Arete was founded on the premise of our need to make continual improvements in everything we do, based on making data-informed decisions, process engineering, agile development, and deploying best-of-breed, proven technologies. Our expert consultants are creative and uniquely curious. They share a passion to stop cybercrime attacks by transforming the way organizations respond to and prepare for this emerging risk to us all. Arete pursues this passion for excellence by engaging all forms of engineering and science, at every level, from academia, to Fortune 10 technology company partnerships. Our focus on minimizing or eliminating these risk factors lies at the intersection of business interruption, economic impact, cybersecurity, legal risk, forensics, business intelligence, data science and machine learning. We are a team of innovative, high integrity, and hard-working professionals who are passionate about serving our clients, our communities and each other. 

Arete has built a strong culture of excellence in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. We share a common passion, with uncompromising integrity in all that we do, to help our clients impacted by emerging issues in . Through our rapid response and technical expertise, we have significantly reduced the financial impact and business interruption attributed to ransomware attacks. Ultimately, we are working together to identify the best ways to cure this “digital disease.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a better place by defending and protecting our clients, customers, and partners from the theft of sensitive data through rapid incident response and deployment of protective measures. 

Arete partners with our clients to reduce the burden and cost of preparing for, detecting, and responding to cyberattacks. Engaging Arete’s team of experts gives our clients the confidence to respond to a data breach and take proactive measures to withstand further attacks. You have access to the world’s leading cybersecurity professionals – anywhere in the world – within hours not days.

We also strive to make a lasting difference by serving others in our communities. Arete supports multiple missions in the areas of education, healthcare, critical human needs, and the environment. 

Our People

Arete experts are an elite team of talented, innovative, high integrity, and hard-working professionals who are dedicated to serving our clients. We have created a strong culture of excellence and share a common passion, with uncompromising integrity, to help our clients impacted by . 

Arete professionals have the opportunity to work alongside each other and to learn from the leading minds and innovators in the cyber industry. You will also know that you are contributing to the health and safety of people and organizations — not only those in corporations and smaller businesses, but also providers of critical services such as hospitals and local governments.

Our culture is focused on personal growth, achieving excellence in everything we do, and a commitment to giving back to our communities. As we support multiple causes, each member of the Arete team is encouraged to spend up to 10% of their time to volunteer and support important global charities. Together, we have an opportunity to make a lasting difference.