-Managed Services

Arsinal Threat Management

Next generation threat analysis and prevention integrated with SentinelOne.

Managed Services

Arsinal Threat Management

Arsinal Threat Management leverages Arete’s 24/7 Security Operations Center, Fusion Lab, and threat intelligence to monitor, investigate, respond and stop Cybercrime attacks BEFORE they occur, while providing our clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Threat intelligence is obtained from managing thousands of new, active incident response engagements in the frontlines of cybercrime. The platform then deploys new threat hunting protections to harden defenses in a client’s environment. Through integrations with attack surface analytics, network monitoring sensors, and SentinelOne endpoint protection, Arsinal Threat Management rapidly identifies and tracks new threats, and creates new dynamic protection capabilities. In addition, clients receive a pre-scheduled report to help them understand and improve their security program.