Incident Response Arete monitors the Dark Web to help reduce your overall risk exposure
Dark Web Monitoring
Incident Response

Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark Web is where threat actors collaborate, share information, and buy and sell a variety of illicit products, services, and compromised data. Unfortunately, your sensitive or proprietary company data could be at risk.

Whether you’ve experienced a data breach, seen exfiltration through your own investigations, or simply want to know if your organization’s information is out on the Dark Web, the Arete Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) team can help.

The Arete CTI team understands the geography of the Dark Web and the behaviors of cybercriminals. They know what threat actors look to exploit, and they have the resources and know-how to find stolen data, contextualize risks, and recommend remediation options.

The benefits of Dark Web monitoring

  • Understand risk exposure from actors operating on the Dark Web.
  • Understand how threat actors monetize stolen information.
  • Enhance protection against external threats via continual detection of exposed assets.