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Expert Witness

Effective expert testimony requires experience to gain effective results.

Advisory Services

Expert Witness

Over many years, Arete has built a staff of highly qualified and experienced professionals in expert witness testimony. Arete’s experts have decades of success in cybersecurity investigations and have been published in thought leadership publications and spoken at high-profile industry conferences. Additionally, our experts have presented findings to judges, juries, and arbitrators, and have also served as Special Masters via Court appointment.

Meet The Experts

bruce (1)

Bruce Hartley

Managing Director


Anthony Locke

Advisory Analyst

Expert testimony topics:

  • Forensic soundness of data collections – whether performed by our team of forensic experts or those of your opponent(s)
  • Reliability of collection practices utilized by your opponent or a third-party expert reporting on Arete’s findings or forensic analysis
  • Analysis regarding the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s cybersecurity plan and implementation.
  • Offering opinions on the client’s compliance with regulatory frameworks in the context of a regulatory investigation