Incident Response Arete’s rapid response maximizes speed of recovery from Business Email Compromise attacks Business Email Compromise
Incident Response

Business Email Compromise

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks involve bad actors sending emails that appear to be legitimate, but are intended to encourage opening, so that the attacker can compromise email systems. When an attack occurs, Arete professionals immediately begin collection of relevant evidence to determine the who, what, where, when and how of the attack, producing a preliminary report within 24-72 hours. Arete offers additional assistance for recovery including:

  • Expertise and tools to secure and harden a client’s infrastructure
  • Assistance recovering lost funds and liaising with federal law enforcement

Meet The Experts


Saad Kabani

Forensic Lead

Vishwanath Alineni

Vishwanath Alineni

Forensic Analyst

BEC Notification Data Mining

If the preparation of notification lists is necessary in a BEC case, Arete’s Data Breach Analysis team utilizes robotic process automation and artificial intelligence technologies to zero in on the affected documents, producing legally compliant findings for a fixed fee per document.