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Our Team

Joe Mann

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Susan Mustacato

Sr. Director of Product

Raj Sivaraju

President of APAC

Evelyn Minnick

Chief Administration Officer

Jim Jaeger


Christie Baye

Global Human Resources Leader

Brian Rydstrom

Director of Forensics

Karen Gregory

Vice President, Talent Acquisition

Paul Caron

Senior Director, Incident Response

Chris Martenson

Chief Operations Officer

Brookes Taney

Vice President of Sales

Jennifer Marchione

Project Management Lead

Aneel Panyam

Vice President, R&D

Marc Bleicher

Managing Director, DFIR

Lora Baye

Sr. Manager, Finance

Sam Kanazeh

Chief Financial Officer

Brooke Ludwig

Sr. Manager, Talent Development & Engagement

Gnanaprakash Masilamani

Associate Director of GSOC

Jacqueline McCullough

Director of Sales Operations

Mike Lotas

Global IR Leader

Lynn Peachy

Director of Business Development

Marco Cajina

Threat Intel Leader

Peter Florian

Chief Marketing Officer

Chetan Sharma

Sales Manager

Jackie Pasker

Director of Business Development

Mark Cluse

General Counsel

Jimmy Nguyen

Program Director, Data Breach Analysis Services

Rae Jewell

Director of GSOC

Lauren Brown

DFIR Operations Manager

Will Hartz

Director, Data Breach Analysis Services