Incident Response Arete’s technology and expertise delivers the fastest path to recovery
from a ransomware attack, while reducing compliance risks
from extortion demand payments.
Ransomware Response
What we do

Ransomware Attacks

Arete’s incident response (IR) team has decades of experience, leading thousands of Ransomware investigations a year, as the vendor of choice to the largest insurance carriers and financial institution from across North America, Europe and Asia. When Arete receives an incident response project, we immediately conduct an initial triage call, in which our IR team collects all details of the breach that are known. This includes means of detection, potential exposure or loss of data, indicators of compromise (IOCs) and a plan of action to end the attack.

If it is determined by the carrier and breach coach that paying a ransom is the most effective way to resolve the issue, Arete will communicate with the ‘bad actor’ on the client’s behalf to obtain the amount of the ransom demand and negotiate a settlement.

Once the client’s access to its systems are restored, Arete assists in analysis of the attack, restoration of systems as well as deployment of endpoint protection to shield the client’s IT infrastructure from future attacks.

Meet The Experts


Brad Britton

Forensic Lead


Veronica Cleary

IR Lead

Cryptocurrency Payments

Arete only provides this service as directed by our insurance companies and law firms to help victim companies recover from ransomware attacks.

Arete’s best in industry payment capabilities include:

  • Substantial facility to assist our ransomware clients
  • Ability to acquire cryptocurrency from compliant sources – 24x7x365
  • I/R firm manages the negotiation and investigation (end-to-end solution) cryptocurrency payment
  • Flat negotiation charge
  • Cryptocurrency charges are a pass-through from exchange and banking fees. Arete does not profit from acquiring cryptocurrency.
  • The average number of days to recovery has increased from 12.1 days in 2019 to 16.2 days. Arete is 50% faster with an average of 8 days to recover